About Us

Aanandita Creations is a unique gallery where every piece tells its own story of craftsmanship and elegance As always, we are honored to be your sanctuary for sophisticated synthetic jewelry that shares transcendent beauty and unequaled perfection.

Aanandita Creations believes that jewelry is not just something you wear; it's a reflection of your personality and way of life. We are passionate about assembling an eclectic stock that echoes a more contemporary sensibility, while still paying homage to the quality of truly ancient art.

Craftsmanship and Quality
Fanfare: Each piece in our collection is created through a process of painstaking detail. Quality is paramount, so that every creation which emerges from Planner Skin Care Store's workshop holds the promise of both durable and beautiful.

Timeless Elegance
It has the romance and sensibility of a classic jewelry designs combined with the trendy simplicity of modern wear. Yet it's not just the meticulous patterns, or the delicate motifs, or the gaudy embellishments--it's every one that possesses a certain charm to suit any occasion.

Dedicated to You
Yet our involvement goes beyond offering high quality jewelry. We want to offer you an experience that you will remember, including a shopping journey unimpeded by the last few steps from storefront windows.

Your Trusted Partner
Bracelet With Beautiful Moments Aanandita Creations is your perfect ally in the beautification of moments- special days and everyday grace. We aspire to be your jewelry shop for fun, fashionable items that reflect your flair and level of cool.

Thank you for choosing Aanandita Creations. Navigate your way through our treasures of jewelry which can be an extension of your own narrative.